Kerstpakketten zijn leuk!

Christmas packages are fun!

A Christmas package, have you ever received one? I really only remember really cheesy boxes of jam and shelf-stable crackers or things that fall apart when you look at them. But did you know that a Christmas package can also just be a lot of fun? And that you can really surprise your relations with it? Below are a few beautiful Christmas packages and reasons to unpack at Christmas - also for business!

Where does the Christmas package come from?

The Christmas package was created sometime in the 19th century. Back then, food storage was not as easy as it is now. There were many large farms back then.

The servants and maids who worked there were allowed to go home for Christmas to celebrate Christmas with their families. They then had a break from work and were given a basket filled with food, drinks and useful items for the family. This made the Christmas party at home extra festive.

From these farmers' Christmas baskets, the tradition arose at other companies to give a package to employees at Christmas. Over the years, the packages became more extensive and more luxurious.

Who do you send a Christmas package to?

From a business point of view, it is smart and fun to thank the people around you. That can be staff, your colleagues, suppliers, employees... you name it. Many relationships may be thanked with a card or message, but do you really want to surprise a good relationship? Then a nice Christmas package is greatly appreciated.

Compile yourself or ready-made?

You can of course make a nice surprise yourself, a box with beautiful, tasty or useful things - perhaps from your own webshop. One such box or a few is still doable. But if you opt for convenience or if you want to send more than one, you can of course also order a Christmas package . And it really doesn't have to be as crazy expensive as you might think. Below are a few super nice ready-made packages.

Christmas package idea 1 - Socks & choco

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This is a sweet and warm surprise. The package contains 2 original funny Christmas socks, a tin of butter cookies with 60 cookies in 5 variants and a chocolate package with mug, chocolate powder, marshmallows and chocolates. Comes in a nice Christmas box - €29,95

Christmas package idea 2 - Flippin' burgers

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Anyone who loves burgers will be thrilled with this gift pack. It contains all kinds of fun items with which you can make your own burgers! With the hamburger press you can press your hamburger according to your own recipe. In addition, you get old school sauce bottles, herbs, containers and paper. Get the mincemeat and bake! - €27.95

Christmas package idea 3 - Organic

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No junk in this package! This is an original and beautiful Christmas package for anyone who is consciously involved with food. All products are organic. In addition to the delicious products, the Christmas package also contains an attractive wooden hanging shelf for the home - € 59,95


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Do you see how nice a good old Christmas gift can be? A gift or gesture around the holidays is always greatly appreciated. Whether you send a beautiful card or would you rather order a Christmas package ? Whatever you do, don't start too late. Merry Christmas!

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