Mariko verwijderde al haar social media-accounts - interview met Mariko bij Hart van Nederland

Mariko deleted all her social media accounts - interview with Mariko at Hart van Nederland

Mariko Naber is done with it. She decided to shut down all her other social media accounts last year. “In the beginning you really feel like you're missing out on everything. Believe me: you really miss less than you think.”

A year after her decision, Mariko can conclude that it is 'nice and quiet', without the distraction of social media. In addition, there are unexpected benefits. “If you haven't seen someone for a while and you meet up, he often assumes that you have kept up to date with what he has been through through social media. I no longer see all that and that makes the conversations you have deeper and more personal. That is beautiful."

Quitting Facebook is harder than you think

Mariko states that especially deleting your Facebook account is a lot of work. “Certainly in my case. I couldn't cancel my personal account, I still need that to manage my business page. But I deleted all my photos, messages and friends manually. That was quite a chore.”

At the same time, she states: “Stopping Facebook is the best. If you check your Facebook daily, then that scrolling through your feed will quickly become a habit that is difficult to get rid of. That really bothered me at one point.”

Social media use in the Netherlands

New research by Multiscope shows that the Dutch are spending less and less time on social media. In 2017, we spent an average of 83 minutes per person scrolling through socials. In 2019, the number of minutes has fallen to 79.

Whatsapp and Facebook are the most popular social media in the Netherlands. Although we spend less time on those two services. We expect to scroll even less often on Facebook in the future. One service did increase in terms of usage time: the Dutch spent two minutes more on Instagram in 2019 than in 2017.

The complete article Mariko deleted all her social media accounts , can be found on the website of Hart van Nederland.

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