Meer website bezoekers met clickable Idee Pins!

More website visitors with clickable Idea Pins!

Good news for anyone who uses Pinterest for marketing purposes! Pinterest Idea Pins have recently become clickable, which means you can now add a URL to your Pinterest "Stories" and get direct traffic to your website. This new option is currently rolling out for desktop and will soon be available to everyone. Recommended SYSO expert Jody Hoogendoorn of the Pinacademie explains it to you in detail below.

But what exactly are Idea Pins?

Idea Pins are a relatively new feature within Pinterest that let you tell a kind of "story" through images, videos, and text. They're different from regular Pins because you can combine multiple images and videos to tell a story. It's basically the same as Instagram Stories, but you use them a little differently on Pinterest.

Idea Pins allow you to unleash your creativity and present your brand in a new way. It is and remains important that you inspire people with your content. Because that is precisely the reason people are on Pinterest: they are looking for inspiration. For example, create DIY tutorials or product demos. Also new is that you can show yourself. Not with an oat latte behind-the-scenes. But while you are explaining something, making a recipe, showing a product or telling about your service. This didn't work "in the past", but Idea Pins lend themselves well to this.

Hello, free clickable stories!

Many companies, including the major A-brands, do not yet use Idea Pins at all. That's a shame, because it's a missed opportunity to get more traffic to your website and present your brand in a new way.
Why am I so excited about this new addition? Hello, free clickable stories! Isn't that great?

Even more benefits of Idea Pins

Benefit 1 - They last forever!
They do not disappear after 24 hours. The time and energy you put into it is worth it. They keep popping up time and time again in Pinterest searches.

Benefit 2 - People can save Idea Pins to their Pinterest account. So that even more people can see your Idea PIn. How good is this!

And now, with the ability to add a link, Idea Pins are even more effective by bringing your audience directly to your website. Easy peasy. This makes Idea Pins even more valuable if you want to highlight your product, service or brand and increase traffic to your website. After all, that is one of Pinterest's Super Powers: direct website visits and no hassle with Link in Bio that no one clicks on. Just hard traffic from potential customers.

How do you add the URL to your Idea Pin?

First, create the Idea Pin and publish it. Then click on the pen icon at the bottom of your Idea Pin. In the screen that now opens, you can add a URL at the bottom (scroll a little bit) under the LINK field. Soon that may also be possible when you are making the Idea Pin. Because this is of course a bit cumbersome. But... we can at least add a link and attract website visitors with it.

This new option is currently rolling out to desktop users and will be available to everyone soon. Also for mobile Don't you have this yet? Just wait and see, it will come soon for sure.

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This article was created in collaboration with Jody Hoogendoorn of thePin Academy .

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