Mijn ultieme tip om meer werk gedaan te krijgen

My ultimate tip to get more work done

People often complain about Mondays; "Because the weekend was so nice"... But doesn't that just mean that you find your work boring? Isn't it time to change that? I see it as a kind of 'alarm'. As soon as Monday starts to disappoint me, I know that something about my work, working method or attitude has to change.

That is sometimes difficult and may even seem impossible, but something you can do right now is to apply more focus , which gives a feeling of flow faster (also read the blog post ' 4 Tips to easily find your flow '). This will make you work more efficiently and will give you more pleasure in what you do. So win win. What do you do that with? Read further below.

A quick fix for the moment

This is not the magic wand, you will not immediately like your work more, but it is a quick fix for the moment itself: Alpha waves study music . It took me a while to find the music that would benefit me. Some focus music gives too much stimulation and other sounds almost made me fall asleep. The Spotify lists, for example, don't work at all for me, but maybe they do for you. It's a bit of trial & error, because it works differently for everyone.

What is it?

This soft background music is specially composed to work more efficiently, to help you study and concentrate. In short, for the best possible focus. The music uses alpha waves and 'binaural beats' to increase the brain's concentration and thinking ability and reduce any stress level that may be present. The soothing sounds can make you very relaxed after a while, so make sure to take a break every 20 - 30 minutes (also read the blog post ' Master in 5 steps the Pomodoro technique '). Click here for the three hour (!) long video.

TIP : hide the video so you only hear the sound, because the awful stock footage will hurt your eyes 😝

TIP 2 : maybe you are someone who works very well with white noise sound. Then read the blog post ' Do you also have the concentration of a shrimp? '.

Before the start of the week I wish you: "Happy focused monday!". That should work now, right?!

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