Move over ChatGPT, Bard is hier

Move over ChatGPT, Bard is here

We were full of ChatGPT since last fall, but from today you can use competitor Bard . Google's AI answer is available worldwide and also completely in the Dutch language. Just like ChatGPT, the chatbot can answer questions and write emails, among other things.

These are the differences (according to Brad)

Bard and ChatGPT are both great language models, but there are some important differences between the two.

  • Size: Bard is a large language model trained on a dataset of 1.56T words, while ChatGPT is trained on a dataset of 1.5B words. This means that Bard has a larger vocabulary and better understanding of the world than ChatGPT.
  • Goal: Bard is designed to be informative and comprehensive, while ChatGPT is designed for conversation. This means that Bard is better at providing summaries of factual topics, while ChatGPT is better at having conversations on a wide range of topics.
  • Reliability: Bard is more reliable than ChatGPT. This is because Bard is trained on a text and code dataset, while ChatGPT is trained on a text-only dataset. This means that Bard is less likely to generate incorrect or misleading information.

Overall, Bard is a more powerful and reliable large language model than ChatGPT. However, Bard is still in development, so it is possible that ChatGPT will catch up in the future.

These are the differences between Bard and ChatGPT (according to ChatGPT)

Bard and ChatGPT are variants of the GPT model developed by OpenAI, but they differ in purpose and training. Bard is specifically aimed at generating creative text, such as poems and stories, and is trained on a dataset of literary works. The model understands literary styles and themes to produce texts that conform to the conventions of literary language. On the other hand, ChatGPT is designed as a chatbot and trained on a diverse dataset of Internet resources. It can answer questions, hold conversations and provide information on various topics.

In short, Bard is ideal for creative writing purposes and can help writers with inspiration and experimentation in literary forms. ChatGPT, on the other hand, is useful as a chatbot for customer service, question and answer systems, and general conversations. It can support users in daily tasks and provide information. Both models have different application areas and are trained for their specific goals, offering unique capabilities for text generation and interactive conversations.

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The conclusion?

Time will tell which system excels at what. The bottom line is that ChatGPT is a lot more objective when it comes to answering the above question...

This is what Walter thinks. Well explained!

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