Waarom professionele foto’s zo goed verkopen

Why professional photos sell so well

Nowadays a webshop/online company is either mega-large and competitive or has a nice niche, is small(er), special, authentic and personal. As a smaller player, it is therefore very necessary that you show the people behind the company. And whether you are big or small: your products are the star of your webshop!

Good visual material gives confidence, stimulates the 'gun factor' and shows your uniqueness. You do this on the 'about' page, for example, and there you show a very nice, striking, relevant photo of… exactly, of yourself and possibly your team.

Below useful information and we asked Fleur Foster-Dingley of Liefs van Fleur photography a number of questions about both branding shoots and styled products. Read on soon.

All the images used are by Liefs van Fleur .

What are branding shoots?

Who are you? What does your company do? We have been saying it at SYSO for years: show the people behind your company. Because showing yourself provides that personal touch and the trust that your customer is looking for. This is necessary because there must always be trust before someone proceeds to an order. So you can say that a branding shoot contributes to a higher conversion.

A business portrait should fit seamlessly with the message of your company. So you don't have to be a model for that, to put on thick layers of make-up or to laugh all the time. On the contrary. What matters is that you show who you are, what you stand for, what your qualities and specialties are and what distinguishes you from all those other people.

By making a good portrait you become approachable and accessible to your customer. And with that you lower the threshold to buy from you and to contact you. A photographer can create a portrait in different ways. In the studio, on location. The atmosphere can be very natural, exuberant or conceptual. Choose what suits you and your branding.

What are styled products?

A free-standing product photo on white is often the practical standard, but atmospheric photos are also essential. A good atmospheric photo generates the 'I want that feeling' in your visitor and that is what you want of course! With an atmospheric photo you put products in the right context so that they come into their own. Fleur is an expert at styling and that's what makes her work, aka styled products , so good.

Our questions to Fleur Foster-Dingley

Fleur Foster Dingley

How can you prepare for a branding shoot?

Make it clear what you want photos of. What story do you want to tell? What characterizes your company and/or products? You can make a small script or checklist, so you can be sure that you will have everything in view soon.

Think carefully about where the photos should go. Will they be banners on your website? Photos for post or stories? That determines how the photos are taken.

Is there anything you can 'practice' at home before?

You don't need to practice anything. I photograph you in your natural habitat. You are who you are and then I like to portray. What you can do is make sure you have an extra outfit and possibly some props (accessories).

Do you have any tips for when you're nervous?

Call me!! It's nice to get to know each other a little before a photo shoot. This way you feel a bit more at ease during the shoot. We just make it a fun shoot!

What is your golden tip?

Create a Pinterest board or Moodboard! Collect images that appeal to you. Think of detail photos, the attitude of the model, styling/setting, etc. This way you make clear for yourself what you like AND I can respond to your ideas.

Can I do styled product photos for you? (this can be done by sending your products, among other things) Even then a checklist and a mood board are very nice. I make your products shine and I take your house style into account.

For more information , check www.liefsvanfleur.nl

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