Waarom zou je zakelijk bloggen voor je webshop? 4 goede redenen

Why should you blog for business for your webshop? 4 good reasons

As a webshop owner/online entrepreneur, you always look at how you can grow your webshop. You will get started with online advertising, social media, SEO and SEA, newsletters, optimizing product pages, etc. But business blogging is really the first 'go to' when it comes to online marketing.

Reason 1 - Google loves webshops with blogs (SEO)

A good blog post can ensure that you are found well on Google. That ensures organic (free) traffic to your webshop. If you enrich your webshop with blog posts, you 'earn' extra points at Google.
Google loves blog posts

Reason 2 - Inspire and surprise your customers so they come back

Blogs are ideal for inspiring people. Tell what can be done with the product. Surprise your customers. Give visitors ideas and they are more likely to buy something (extras). It doesn't have to be very complicated.

Reason 3 - You show your expertise = trust

If all goes well, you understand the products you sell. You are the expert. Show that too! You cannot always clearly (and extensively) express that distinctive character on a product page. Therefore, use blogs to share your knowledge. This creates more confidence.

💡 TIP: Also consider creating evergreen content . Evergreen content is content on your website or webshop that remains relevant for your audience for a long time. You can read more about this in this blog post: What is evergreen content and why do you need it?

Reason 4 - Conversion, conversion, conversion

In a nutshell, this is the main reason for blogging. The aforementioned points all contribute to selling more. In the first place by ranking better in the search engines, but also by wider visibility through shared blogs. You also know how to inspire people, you show your expertise and you inspire confidence. All of this (partly) determines that the visitor will make a purchase sooner.

Seriously attract more customers right away?

Take our blog course, because a good blog post is the ultimate starting point for your content marketing. You inspire your (potential) customer in a 'natural' way, you show your expertise and it is extremely good for your findability in Google (SEO). Click through to learn more about business blogging . Are you looking for your own solid content marketing system? Then do the Content coach program .

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