Wanneer werkt influencer marketing niet?

When does influencer marketing not work?

The dry definition of 'Inluencer': The marketing label influencer is a person or a group of people who have an above-average potential to influence others because they communicate a lot, are central in a (social) network, their size and persuasive power .

If you use an influencer to promote your company, it is called 'Influencer marketing'. And whether that way of marketing works? Recent research has revealed the following:

  • 74% consumers are influenced by social media when making a purchase
  • 81% consumers are influenced by their friends when making a purchase
  • 31% consumers are influenced by blogs when making a purchase

So yes, in that sense it definitely works!

But... you can also go wrong

You have probably also heard that you can go wrong with this form of marketing. And yes, it can indeed go wrong and unfortunately come to nothing. It especially doesn't work if:

  • no proper/clear agreements have been made between entrepreneur and influencer
  • the target groups of the influencer and the entrepreneur do not (partly) match
  • the influencer has a lot of fake followers

Fortunately, influencer marketing can work if you do it right. And how do you do that? You can read all this and much more in my brand new e-book!

Doing 'something' with influencers...

As an online entrepreneur, you have probably already heard that you should 'do something with influencers'. That you can have your brand, company, shop or product brought to the attention of 'someone' on Instagram, for example, with a lot of reach.

Is it really that simple? Yes and no. And what kind of influencers are there exactly? Who does your target audience have the best click with? What kind of appointments do you make? And... not unimportantly: what does that cost?

Are these -in a nutshell- your questions? Then the Influencer marketing ins & outs e-book is written for you. This document gives you the basics about influencer marketing and how to use it as successfully (!) as possible for your company. Just as you are used to from me: without too much fuss about it, because your time is precious. Moreover, I conclude the e-book with a handy Influencer checklist that you can easily get started yourself.

This e-book will be available (again) soon. Sign up here and stay informed.

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