Wat is BeReal en wat kun je er als ondernemer mee?

What is BeReal and what can you do with it as an entrepreneur?

If you've been following SYSO for a while, you know I have a love-hate thing with social media. Also read: Stop using social media. Cool or hopeless? That means I like to look beyond just bringing money to Facebook to be visible. And if something fresh and fun comes along... then I'm there like the chickens. This makes me very happy with the BeReal initiative.

What is BeReal?

On BeReal it is the intention that everyone takes and shares a 'real' photo at the same time. You only get 2 minutes to fix that, there are no filters and you can only post the photo as it is. By the way, the photo was taken by both cameras on your phone, so you can see the front and back of where you are at that moment. You're quite exposed, so take a look.

BeReal claims to be an app that encourages the sharing of 'real' life. And that's a fresh and nice idea (for as long as it lasts 😂).

Who can see your BeReal photos?

You can choose who can see your photos: only for your friends you add yourself, or anyone who has the app. Those who can see your post can respond to it with a comment or a RealMoji, which is a photo of themselves showing an exaggerated facial expression. BeReal stores your own photos in a calendar. With this you have a kind of diary with a photo on each day (which only you can see and that is also a nice idea).

Is BeReal also fun for business?

Time will tell. Who knows, it might be a wet fart just like Clubhouse. But it certainly is a wonderful new take on social media. Moreover, BeReal is currently massively embraced by young people. In July 2022, social media platform BeReal has already reached 15% (!) of the 13-24 year olds. Young people appear to be going en masse for an alternative, 'healthy' digital social medium. In comparison : TikTok had a reach of 20% in this target group at the beginning of 2020, so the growth potential is definitely there! Source: Fonk magazine

👉 Do you want to try BeReal yourself, here you will find the BeReal and here you can follow me > bere.al/marikonaber

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