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Papiermier.be - the destination for unique paper products and craft supplies. This online store, with a unique name (that everyone remembers) and super fun branding, is for sale.

Papiermier.be is the Valhalla for DIYers and offers an inspiring shopping environment where creative minds can freely imagine and create unique pieces. With carefully selected paper products, including beautiful prints, trendy designs and beautiful materials, every creative dream becomes reality.

Whether you are a passionate hobbyist, an experienced artist or just looking for a fun craft project to do with your children, you will find everything you need at Papiermier.be. From paper and cardboard to stamps, ink, stencils, scrapbooking supplies and more. The store stays up to date with the latest trends in the world of paper products, so you are always offered the latest and most innovative products.

The current owner has enjoyed working on Papiermier for years. Her enthusiasm ensured the positive image and brand awareness of the Papiermier brand. After much deliberation, she has decided to take a new path for her. It is time to transfer Papiermier to someone who can give the shop a new growth spurt with fresh energy.

This is an excellent opportunity for someone who wants to run an online store and build on the success of Papiermier.be/.nl. The store has an established reputation and a loyal customer base. Seize this opportunity and turn Papiermier.be into your own thriving online stationery store, where creativity and joy come together.

Paper ant for sale

What do you get when you purchase this company?

  • domain names: Allespaper.be; Ministamps.be; Paper-ant.com; Papierdier.be; Papiermier.be; Papiermier.nl
  • NL Facebook: 4,565 followers
  • Instagram: 1,073 followers
  • Pinterest: 9,300 followers
  • Mailchimp: 2,253 subscribers
  • Ecommerce platform: Shopify
  • Available stock €10,000

    Your chances

    The potential buyer of Papiermier.be has various opportunities and advantages when taking over this webshop. Some of these opportunities include:

    1. Established reputation : Papiermier.be already has an established reputation in the market for unique paper products and craft supplies. As a new owner, you benefit from the work already done to build a brand and attract a loyal customer base.

    2. Existing customer base : The webshop already has an existing customer base, which means that you have direct access to a loyal customer base. This provides a solid foundation to build on and further develop customer relationships.

    3. Quality products : Papiermier.be is known for offering quality products that stimulate creativity. The acquisition gives you the opportunity to continue and further expand this range, meeting the needs of a wide range of customers.

    4. Inspiring shopping environment : Papiermier.be's focus is on creating an inspiring shopping environment where creatives can give free rein to their imagination. This offers the potential buyer the opportunity to continue to offer a unique and stimulating online shopping experience to customers.

    5. Opportunity for growth : With the acquisition of Papiermier.be, the new owner has the opportunity to further grow the webshop. This can be achieved by increasing product offerings, expanding marketing efforts, exploring new markets and implementing strategies to expand the customer base.

    In short, the potential buyer has the opportunity to take over a well-established webshop with a loyal customer base, high-quality products and an inspiring shopping environment. This provides a solid foundation for growth and success in the world of unique stationery and craft supplies.

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    This wonderful business could soon be yours. CLICK HERE and contact us for more information (please mention placement no. 230606), and who knows, you might soon be the proud owner of this great webshop.

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