Zo ontsnap je als merk aan de eenheidsworst - gastblog door Mariko op Frankwatching

This is how you escape the unity sausage as a brand - guest blog by Mariko on Frankwatching

In a world where you almost drown in a turbulent sea of information, where everyone has an opinion about everything and nothing and where even the best content is in danger of losing its value… How can you still be findable, authentic, let alone irresistible? Has that become a utopia?

The answer lies in finding a cure for the we-all-similar syndrome, or commodity . We need new insights and solutions to the most important question facing companies: how do you escape the commodity trap?

'Commoditization' arises in the first place from rational-instrumental thinking. Many organizations see customers as walking wallets, rather than flesh-and-blood people. So we are still tinkering with rational things (such as price, discounts, sale, etc.).


That makes boring and boring is unattractive. It sells nothing and builds no brand. If your intention is to sell and build a brand, then you have to distinguish yourself. Be different from others and do everything you can to escape the commodity trap. You have to want to become irresistible.

Jan Heuvel discusses this in his book De irresistible theory . The book provides insight into and solutions to escape the commodity trap. Jan Heuvel shows you how you can do this yourself. You get insights, with practical examples, to think differently and that is refreshing. It is both a strategy book and an innovation book written for service companies, but just as relevant for 'the rest'. It is a useful book to create a healthy business and make the world a little better for all of us. Win win!

The 5 Elements of Irresistibility

Irresistible equals 'I want you and only you' and consists of these 5 key elements on which you should score as high as possible.

1. Crystal clear: 'I understand you completely'

Brand success starts with being clear about what you have to offer. Being clear seems so easy. But nowadays we see as many images in the media within one day as people in the Middle Ages in their entire lives… And that's only about images! Try to stand out among those. keep it simple so and remember: complexity is the worst enemy.

You can read the other 4 elements and the concrete chances of escape in my guest blog post This is how you, as a brand, escape the uniformity of Frankwatching.com.

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