Mijn 6 ondernemers kijktips voor een regenweekend

My 6 entrepreneurs viewing tips for a rainy weekend

With so many downpours, chances are you'll be indoors this weekend. Too bad, but luckily there is plenty to see while you wait out the rain. Below are a few of my ( Mariko ) personal recommendations. The list is fairly random, it goes a bit in all directions, but from my own experience I say for various reasons: look! (in random order).

Viewing tip 1 - The Wolf of Wall street

Long story short, you watch this film (again in 2013) for various reasons: the slick eighties styling, Wall Street tricks, the bizarre (true) story or simply because of Leo.

Watch tip 2 - Heal

A completely different branch of sport, but worth it in my opinion. In short: a documentary investigating/looking at whether (and to what extent) the body itself is healing. Spiritual: yes. Long-winded: sometimes too. Credible: that depends on how you feel about it. Valuable information: yes. That is why it is recommended if you are (or want to be) aware of your body and health. Self care is important, especially if you as an entrepreneur work a lot of overtime and your head never stands still.

Watch tip 3 - Tony Robbins: I am not your guru

I'm probably on thin ice here. There are two kinds of people. One kind runs off with Tony Robbins and the other part thinks he's CRAZY. I still don't know which team I belong to. The documentary, on the other hand, was very interesting. Because: who is that Tony, why does he do what he does, how and why? So many questions... Curious? To look!

Watch tip 4 - Girlboss

Haven't binged this series yet? Then you're in luck, because you can still watch it on Netflix. The series is the true story of Sophia Christina Amoruso that first came out as the book of the same name. Long story short: Sophia starts a web shop in her early twenties, which grows into a company with more than 100 million turnover in no time. Inspiration and a nice styling. Looks nice :-)

Viewing tip 5 - You

Because not everything has to be educational for business: You. I just thought it was a fun, really exciting women* series, and it's also set in New York. Nice!

*I don't have to bore my husband Mark with this, it just turns on in between when I hang out on the couch

Viewing tip 6 - Aladdin

You still have to get out the door for this one. We live around the corner from a Pathé, so we don't get wet even with rain, so that's pretty easy to talk about. If you want to defy the outside world with a plu, make the effort for this film. He is gorgeous!

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