Help, mijn domein heeft een jokerteken-record?! - voor Shopify merchants

Help, my domain has a wildcard record?! - for Shopify merchants

Many Shopify merchants have received this notification in recent days via their Shopify app or simply in the back office. We have therefore also reported this message in our Shopify merchant hangout (as a SYSO customer you get access to this). But because it causes quite a bit of unrest, I'm posting it here as well.

Because... no stress!

It now has no effect on your shop, because it is still neatly online without any error messages. It appears that Shopify has tightened its security and now sees the asterisk character (*) - apparently also called the wildcard character - as an unwanted variable.

What about that and what now?

Your domain provider (for example Hostnet, Strato, etc.) should have a record that looks like *∙yourdomainname∙nl.

This means that everything that stands for ∙yourdomainname∙nl is referred to your shop. So for example: shop∙yourdomainname∙nl, course∙yourdomainname∙nl, etc.

If you do not use it (which is often the case), the record with *∙yourdomainname∙nl can simply be deleted. You can do this yourself or ask your domain provider. No stress and good luck! 🔥

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