Hoe blijf je 'on top of mind' bij je klant?

How do you stay 'on top of mind' with your customer?

The magic word here is 'consistency' if you want to stay in the mind of your customer. Stay consistent in the frequency of your marketing activities (and away from shiny object syndrome). And be consistent in getting your brand out there. In the long term, that ensures a strong brand with which you can move mountains.

5 tips for a strong, consistent brand

  1. Stick to your color palette - do you think you can make too little variation? Go for a more extensive color palette

  2. Use the brand keywords - list 5 to max. 10 brand keywords and use them consistently when creating content

  3. Quality over quantity - stop shitting content. It's not about creating a lot of content, because there is already so much… Instead, create beautiful, smart and above all interesting content for your potential customer

  4. Get your branding designed - work with a good designer/design agency and don't let your nephew put your logo and branding together. And certainly don't do it yourself if you haven't eaten cheese

  5. People buy from people - so be personal in your communications. That doesn't necessarily mean you have to expose yourself (dancing in an Insta reel). You can, but you don't have to. A brand can be human without having to put one particular person forward. Nice to know for the introverts among us. Check out @sostrenegrene @headspace and @lush (not on Instagram by the way :))

Sit down for this

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