Klantgericht denken: hoe Lush's afmeldoptie bijdraagt aan merkloyaliteit

Customer-centric thinking: how Lush's unsubscribe option contributes to brand loyalty

Love that Lush offers an option to unsubscribe from Mother's Day emails! This shows that they take the feelings of their customers into account and that they respect them. This is really important in the marketing world, because happy customers are loyal customers.

This choice shows Lush that they care more about what the customer wants than about pushing products. It provides a human and authentic approach, making customers feel more connected to the brand.

Lush thinks differently and we love that! For example, Lush UK stopped social media in 2019 and indicated that they were looking for new ways for a real social approach.

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Reputational damage

By offering this option, Lush also protects itself against possible reputational damage that can arise if customers feel obligated to receive emails about Mother's Day when they are not emotionally ready. That can be quite sensitive when people have lost contact with their mother or have lost their mother. With the unsubscribe option, Lush reduces the chance of dissatisfaction and negative reactions from customers.


This approach can therefore also contribute to brand loyalty and customer loyalty. By demonstrating that they understand and respect their customers' feelings, they build a stronger relationship between customer and brand. And that can keep customers coming back sooner and more often for more…


All in all, providing the opt-out option for Mother's Day emails is a smart and empathetic move by Lush. So you can certainly take an example from this if you want to distinguish yourself by approaching your customers authentically, humanely and respectfully. You don't have to copy this one-to-one, of course, but there is probably something you can do more personally. A nice welcome email, divide your mailing list into smart groups, an aftersale email to ask if everything is to your liking and give some tips... And so on :-)

What do you think of this?

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