Online ondernemer, laat je niet gek maken!

Online entrepreneur, don't be fooled!

Online entrepreneur, don't be fooled! Recently I read a message from someone who felt incredibly overwhelmed by the possibilities that you have as an online entrepreneur. And I understand that. If you follow some entrepreneurial coaches, masters or gurus (help) here and there, it does indeed seem like a 'swan stick'. You get more and more well-intentioned blogs, tips, tricks, challenges, courses, bootcamps and masterclasses presented by so-called 'experience experts' and you no longer know what you are doing right. Let alone where you start.

Our partners

Fortunately, you've come to the right place. Because at Sell your stuff online, experience and the right knowledge are widely available to help you as an online entrepreneur, webshop owner. We don't do this alone, by the way, because we really don't know everything either. We have great experts and partners for that. The growing list of experts who fit in with Sell your stuff online and who can show you – just like us – the best possible way on your own path to success.


'Helping you on your way', for example, can easily be done by starting with our workbook ' Sell your stuff online '. In this workbook you will find the timeless steps you need to take to build a business from the core. Step by step, without being overwhelmed by all the possibilities that are available. Sell ​​your stuff online is therefore everything you need on your entrepreneurial path. How convenient is that?!

With this must have book you will grow your webshop

The up-to-date webshop workbook (fourth revised edition in 2018) was in the marketing and sales top 3 at for a year and has now been printed for the third time. It is very complete and written especially for the webshop owner. The language is understandable, it reads 'nicely' and is certainly not very expensive, without losing any content, incidentally. The chapters are structured as follows:

1 Who are you?
Who are you, what can you do, what is your talent and who do you have around you?
2 Define your stuff
What are you going to do, for whom and what is the goal? What do you want to achieve?
3 Collect your tools
What are the resources you need for a webshop?
4 Burn it
Shape your business from the inside out so that it is right on all sides.
5 Let's do this
Get started with planning, multi-year planning, annual planning, weekly planning and your daily planning.
6 Shout it out!
Everything you need to know about communication and marketing.
7 Be social
All social media explained so you can see what we like for you.

For who is it?

The Sell your stuff online workbook has been written especially for the novice and relaunching webshop owner. You can use the book as a manual to start a webshop, but it is also widely used as a reference work or refresher by experienced online merchants. We often hear that the book is close to the computer and is still consulted long after the purchase. Order it right away .

More help for you

If you are reading this blog then you know that there is now more help than just this book. The book was followed by this online environment where you as a webshop owner can go with all your questions, whether it concerns branding, marketing, social media, newsletters or search engine optimization. Sell ​​your stuff online became the go-to for you in a few years. We don't do that alone! We now have our valued partners for this, who are all experts in their own field.

I would also like to point out all the tools we offer with which we can help you. And what about the Insiders group where online entrepreneurs come together to help each other? We're glad you're here, stay tuned and make your business a success. We are happy to help you, because your success is our success!

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