SYSO podcast - Hoeveel bezoekers heeft je webshop nodig? #04

SYSO podcast - How many visitors does your webshop need? #04

In today's podcast I answer the question: How many visitors does a healthy webshop need? A webshop that provides you with a good income or... more. How much traffic is needed for that? Monthly, weekly… and daily? And what does it actually cost to get more visitors to your shop? You will find that answer in this podcast.

Contents in brief

  • Step 1: What do you want to earn?
  • Step 2: What is the average order value in your shop?
  • Step 3: How many orders do you need?
  • Step 4: What is the conversion of your webshop?
  • Step 5: The math
  • Step 6: Three numbers to work on

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