Nieuw: SYSO Trend alert - juni 2023 Artificial Intelligence

New: SYSO Trend alert - June 2023 Artificial Intelligence

The world around us moves hard and fast. Maybe way too fast. But what are you doing well as an online entrepreneur? Go along with the hype, wait or let go? And how do you keep up with all that news?


Your answer: sign up (now for free) for the very first SYSO Trend alert

At SYSO we like to stay on top of the latest developments. We usually process that in our work, on the blog or in a podcast. That is why there is now the SYSO Trend alert . A webinar with which you are immediately up-to-date.

At SYSO, we collect the most striking and relevant trends in the field of marketing, ecommerce and design for you as an online entrepreneur. Clever things that you can certainly use to grab your chances. But there is also enough to sniff and ignore. Because: "The fact that everything is possible, does not mean that everything has to be done". This way you don't have to run behind everything new yourself. How. Useful. Is. That?

The June 2023 edition

This time it is mainly about Artificial Intelligence and what it can mean for your (online) company. Are you already familiar with artificial intelligence? This development has enormous consequences for marketing and online business. Don't underestimate this impact and stick with it.

Do you want to know what it is, what you can do with it and where to start? (AI is really not only useful for writing a blog...) I'm sharing it all with you and I'm not doing it alone this time!

SYSO trend alert

Jody Hoogendoorn

Jody is completely committed to AI and follows everything closely. Recommended SYSO expert Jody Hoogendoorn aka dé has been active since the early beginnings of Pinterest as one of the early adopters in the Netherlands. AI fascinates her and she likes to talk about its application and development.

This is a unique opportunity to gain knowledge of one of the most promising technologies of our time. Plus, it's a one-time opportunity, so don't miss out! Sign up now and discover how AI can help you optimize your webshop and increase your sales. Sign up now and don't miss it!

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