Vervelende e-mail beantwoorden met AI:

Vervelende e-mail beantwoorden met AI:

AI is popping up everywhere, you just can't escape it. And that is exciting or annoying or both at the same time. It depends on your position. I don't think much of it myself, it's something that seems to happen to us. I already use AI on a daily basis and see it continuously improving itself. But at the same time it also feels too fast, unnatural and like something that is not allowed or something...

Because AI can help (smaller) entrepreneurs extremely well, I would like to show the possibilities. Like during my recent presentation at showUP , the Trend alert also focused on AI. And so we found something new this week: answering annoying emails with AI. And you do that with the AI ​​tool .

Dutch AI initiative

The experienced AI entrepreneurs from and Amsterdam Data Collective launched this initiative. It is an AI tool that helps generate friendly and empathetic replies to annoying emails. “This not only saves a lot of time, but above all a lot of negative energy,” according to the makers. And that is true, surprisingly useful texts come out. Not that we need it often here (fortunately).

More fun and positivity in the workplace with AI

This is what the makers of the tool themselves write about it. "Everyone will recognize it and have experienced it at some point: a dissatisfied customer or a colleague who sends an annoying email. Sometimes it is quite difficult to give a good response to these types of unpleasant situations. Above all, avoid reacting too much from emotion. .

Fortunately, there is a solution:'s AI super intern! How does it work? Simply copy the text of the message to which you want to formulate a good response and we will write a suggestion for an appropriate response. This saves you a lot of time, frustration and makes us all nicer to each other. Good luck!"

Is that smart?

If you receive a lot of annoying emails and are therefore looking for a solution to answer them properly, it is useful. Then read the text carefully and change to your own tone of voice where necessary.

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