Waarom Apple een écht love brand is: wat maakt het merk zo bijzonder?

Why Apple is a real love brand: what makes the brand so special?

"Apples!" is the most frequently mentioned answer when we ask a customer during the intake of a new branding project who their rockstar brand is. By a rockstar brand we mean a brand that you love yourself, for whatever reason. A brand that attracts you, that fascinates you, that you want to know everything about, that you can't stop talking about and that you want everything about. You feel something about it... it's your love brand!

Apple Inc., the technology company known for its innovative products such as the iPhone, Mac and iPad, is often regarded as a love brand. But what makes Apple so special?

4 great reasons why Apple is a love brand

Reason 1 - Apple is so much more than technology

For Apple users, the brand is more than just technology. It's a total experience. From the clean and minimalist aesthetic of Apple products to the seamless integration between devices, Apple creates a brand experience that goes far beyond the products themselves. Users experience the convenience of the user-friendly software, the reliability of the hardware and the sense of style and innovation they associate with the brand. It's about the feeling you get when you use an Apple product - the feeling of quality, ease of use and progressiveness. Plus, Apple often introduces products you didn't even know you needed.

Reason 2 - Loyalty that goes deeper than brand preference

Apple has built up a very loyal customer base. Many Apple users not only prefer Apple, but show a deeper emotional connection to the brand. They are willing to pay premium prices for Apple products and continue to make repeat purchases, a testament to their loyalty to the brand. For many Apple users, the use of Apple products has become a conscious and undisputed lifestyle choice. They feel connected to the brand and are part of the Apple community.

From experience I can tell you how loyal an Apple fan is. When we took a road trip across California in 2009, Apple HQ on the Infinite Loop was at the top of our list. Of course I couldn't be happier when we also discovered a complete Apple shop there... On the top image you can see me happy with the first sneak peek of The Sims 3.

Apple storeCalifornia

Reason 3 - Apple fans and users are super engaged

Apple has a huge active community of fans and users who support each other, exchange ideas and discuss the latest Apple products and releases. This creates a sense of belonging and togetherness among Apple users. From online forums to social media groups to the annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), the Apple community is a tight-knit and passionate community that supports and promotes the brand.

Reason 4 - Innovation and branding go hand in hand

Apple is known for its innovation and disruption in the technology industry. The company has introduced several breakthrough products and technologies that have changed the way we communicate, work and live. Just think of the introduction of the iPhone that revolutionized the way we use smartphones, or the launch of the App Store that created an entire industry of mobile apps. But it's not just the innovation itself, it's certainly the branding around it. Apple has successfully used branding strategies such as the 'Think Different' campaign.

See the well-known Think Different commercial below, where I often can't even keep it dry (at 0:57 to be exact).

The 3 lessons we can learn from Apple and apply directly to our own brand

Now that we know what Apple does so incredibly well. How do we translate this love brand status to our own company? In other words, what three lessons can we learn from Apple and immediately apply to our own brands?

Lesson 1 - Create a brand experience that goes beyond your products and/or services

Apple has shown that building a brand experience that transcends products is very important. It is not just about the functionality of the product, but about the experience surrounding it and the solution that you offer the customer (think of the well-known drilling machine + hole). Think about how you can create a unique brand experience that builds an emotional connection with your customers and encourages them to stay loyal to your brand. Do you find that difficult? Then consider business coaching in that area.

My heart always skips a beat when I see the old rainbow apple somewhere.

Apple logo

Lesson 2 - Build an active community of engaged fans

Apple has built a huge community of engaged fans and users who support each other and promote the brand. Creating a loyal community around your brand can be invaluable. Invest in building an engaged customer base and create platforms or channels where they can interact and feel connected to your brand. Do you already know our SYSO Insiders ?

Lesson 3 - Combine innovation with branding

Apple has proven that innovation and branding can go hand in hand. Think about how you can combine innovation with a strong branding strategy to differentiate your brand and build an emotional connection with your target audience. In your case, innovation can also be a special approach or niche that distinguishes you from the competition. In this case, branding is the complete picture, from a brand master plan to a professional visual branding .

Applying these lessons from Apple to your own brand will help you build strong brand identity and loyalty, create engaged fans, and effectively combine innovation and branding to grow your brand and prosper. Above all, remember 'Think Different' and dare to position your own brand in a unique way to become a very strong love brand.

This commercial was also ground breaking in 1984!

❤️ This is how your brand becomes a love brand!

It is definitely worth investing in building a strong brand identity, brand experience and customer relationship to become a love brand and enjoy the many benefits that come with it!

How do you do that?
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love fire

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