Wat is content marketing? En 3 slimme tips

What is content marketing? And 3 smart tips

Content marketing, perhaps the most annoying term in recent marketing history. Because it makes all the beautiful things you want to say so ugly, technical and flat. In this article you can read what it is, what it can do for your company and I'll give you 3 smart content marketing tips.

What is content?

Content is a collective term for information that you can share with each other online. Content can be written text, but also includes images and sound. Think of photos, videos, sound fragments and, for example, infographics. The term content is often used in online marketing.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a commonly used term in marketing right now. A definition of content marketing is: "Give customers a helping hand in an attractive and relevant way without directly promoting your product or service through online material such as blog posts, newsletters, video and social media."

To put it very simply: you share relevant (and above all interesting) information with the people who follow you online. Preferably, you share that information with people who could potentially become your customers or who already are. The purpose of this is that they will see your company as something they would like to return to because your audience will feel understood and 'at home'.

Why do you use content marketing?

You do that because marketing from the last century no longer works. Placing an ad in a magazine and then waiting for someone to buy something from you is long gone. With content marketing you provide nice articles that attract your target group and thus end up on your site, and preferably also buy something.

3 very good reasons + tips for your content marketing

  1. It is a sustainable way of marketing. No short-lived happiness, but create beautiful content that lasts a long time and with which you inspire and motivate your (potential) customer to visit you (again)
  2. Good content is good for your SEO (Google ranking). If you use and link relevant keywords in your content, on which you want to be found, it will definitely have a long-term effect on your position at Google
  3. You show that you are an expert in your field. By sharing all kinds of inspiring content that is about the use of your products and/or services, you will be seen as an expert. This way you stay on-top-of-mind with your customer and they remember you when necessary. Have a brainstorm hour and ask yourself: what can I tell you about my products (or services)?

feel good

Ten years ago, we weren't really involved in content marketing. we thought. Because when I started looking into it, it turned out to be something we often unconsciously have been doing for a long time. I've been blogging about Applepiepieces myself for quite some time and everything that goes with it, as long as it was feel good. Not because that was marketing, but because my heart is in sharing beautiful and fun feel-good things.

Content marketing is a great opportunity for you

With this I would like to underline that as an online entrepreneur you have a great opportunity in front of you! Where larger companies come up with strategies to attract people to their site, you are more likely to do it because it is in your nature, because your heart is in your product or service.

What do you need for content marketing?

Actually not that much, but here's a practical checklist:

  1. a webshop or website with a blog function, such as a Shopify webshop or Squarespace website
  2. a blog
  3. a newsletter and newsletter system such as Mailerlite
  4. social media for signage
  5. fantasy and Canva for the decoration

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