De webshop van Meester Patissier en Boulanger Robèrt van Beckhoven

Case study: Masterful Webshop of Robèrt van Beckhoven webshop

The webshop of Meester Patissier and Boulanger Robèrt van Beckhoven had been live for some time, but became more and more unclear as the range grew online. When we got in touch, a restyling of the Meesterlijke Webshop was in order. And so it happened, in the middle of Corona time, that we started working with a suitable webshop for the most beautiful (and tastiest) cakes, cookies and pastries.

Robèrt van Beckhoven is a Dutch baker, pastry chef and presenter (known for, among others, Heel Holland Bakt and CupcakeCup). Van Beckhoven is the only one in the Netherlands with both the title Master Patissier and Meester Boulanger. The highest ratings in the bakery industry.

He has shops, bakeries, courses, inspiring magazines, beautiful books and so much more under his name. And have you ever been to Oisterwijk? Then be sure to visit De Kazerne for a delicious, extensive high tea. The good news is that you can order all cakes, biscuits and other artisanal goodies online. You do have to pick up the fresh products, but there is also a nice selection of products available by post . Of course, all of this includes a well-functioning, beautiful webshop.

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Baking inspiration: Masterful by Robèrt


The atmosphere and product photography was top notch and so was the corporate identity. If a webshop 'rattles' in such a case, it becomes a kind of interesting puzzle for us. Fortunately, we often immediately see where the work is needed and that is also the case with this webshop.

Setting up a shop is often done that way, especially with Shopify , but whether it converts well is a completely different story. Conversion (in short: the conversion of visitors to customers) depends on many factors, things that are often easy to manage. At SYSO we have developed a keen eye for this in recent years. Curious? Read also: Turn your webshop visitors into buyers and see the Conversion booster .

By rearranging the categories and choosing a smart theme, we were able to make a big difference. All products now come into their own much better and the shopping experience is more intuitive and user-friendly than before.

In addition to a fresh design and theme update, we have also resolved some other loose ends in the webshop. This, as well as the clearly formatted pages and appealing microcopy, ensures a better converting Masterly Webshop that can last for years to come!

Robèrt van Beckhoven webshop

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