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Boost your online sales with - start today!

Are you looking for the best way to boost your online sales? Search no further! We have something great for you: - the shopping guide that puts your webshop in the spotlight and helps you attract new customers like never before.

What is Happify?

Happlify is your ticket to increasing your visibility, reaching a wider audience and boosting your sales. Happlify is all about sharing positivity, quality webshops and connecting enthusiastic online shoppers with the best shops in the Netherlands and Belgium. And you can be part of this great community.

Why should you join Happlify?

The answer lies in the benefits such as:

1 - Increased visibility

Happlify is the place to be for women looking for unique products and positive, safe shopping experiences. By joining Happlify you increase your visibility and you come directly to the attention of a growing number of avid online shoppers.

2 - Targeted audience

At Happlify we focus specifically on the Dutch and Belgian market. The target group consists of 90% women aged 30+ who are interested in lifestyle, fashion, home furnishings, self-care and doing fun things. That means reaching your ideal customers - people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. No time wasted on uninterested visitors, but full focus on the right target group.

3 - New customers

By presenting your webshop on Happlify , you not only attract the attention of potential customers, but you also inspire them to buy. With one click they can visit your webshop and discover what you have to offer. Think of it as a super attractive window that is open 24/7 and increases your sales opportunities.

This is what you get as a Happlify Crew member

4 - Social connection

Happlify is more than just a shopping guide; it is a community of passionate webshop owners and shoppers who support and inspire each other. Joining Happlify gives you the opportunity to be part of this amazing community and build valuable connections with like-minded people.

5 - Simple and affordable

Joining Happlify is simple and affordable. A whole year of Happlify doesn't cost much more than a week of groceries, a night out for dinner or 14 days of pointless promoting a Facebook post. Moreover, you also get a discount if you are a WebwinkelKeur member or have an affiliate account. Sign up today and take advantage of the many benefits (which you can read here ).

Join and grow with us!

What are you waiting for? Join today and give your online sales a well-deserved boost. It's time to put your webshop in the spotlight and reach new customers. Together we make online shopping a great experience!

👉 Let's DO this!

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