Maak de snelste Instagram winactie ever

Create the fastest Instagram giveaway ever

Yes, what else would you call this blog post? Because it is what it is: a piece of cake, make this Instagram giveaway (for more followers of course ;-)). You can read all about an extensive giveaway here in the blog post More followers with an Instagram Giveaway , which explains much more about choosing a goal, making a plan, the giveaway guidelines, etc. action, read on.

Ingredients for a quick Instagram giveaway

  • (for the target group) attractive price : a product or service that you want to give away
  • great image that fits the giveaway and encourages you to participate
  • landing page with the terms and conditions (could be a blog post with the promotion explained again)
  • promotional text with good hashtags

That's how you do that

  1. make your blog post
  2. write your recruiting text and provide the matching image
  3. schedule your giveaway
  4. promote the promotion everywhere (social media, newsletter, on your website / shop, etc.) after posting the giveaway
  5. suppose the promotion lasts for two weeks, then cross-promote regularly on all your social media channels!
  6. repetition within your own feed is also possible
  7. also use #sysoinsta I'm super curious about your action!!
  8. you can also choose to promote the post paid via Instagram, to attract as many new followers as possible
Quick Instagram giveaway

    What are the rules for an Instagram giveaway?

    Like, share and win promotions, you know them. Maybe you participated in one or organized one yourself. Logical, because they ensure that followers share your message and that your reach increases considerably.

    Unfortunately, and maybe for the better, the owner of Instagram - Facebook - made it into the rules a while ago that this type of action is not allowed.

    Please note, this is not allowed

    As a company you are not allowed to set mandatory conditions for liking, sharing and tagging. You can ask for it, but it shouldn't be mandatory . If you do this, Facebook can just take your account offline.

    In addition to this important rule, there are other (smaller) rules set up by Facebook that also apply to Instagram:

    • the total (sales) value of the prize must be clearly stated beforehand
    • exactly how people can participate should already be crystal clear in the message of the giveaway itself
    • You also have to let us know how often one person can participate
    • a minor must have parental permission to participate
    • and you must indicate that Facebook and Instagram themselves have nothing to do with your giveaway
    • do you collect personal data such as a name + e-mail address? Then you must refer to your privacy statement

    💡 CONVENIENT In this Instagram giveaway blog post you will find much more extensive information about Instagram giveaways and the conditions that you can draw up on a landing page.

    Examples Instagram giveaway

    Here are a few good examples of what is not allowed (anymore) and how it is now in order.

    Instagram giveaway 2021

    💡 TIP Don't forget to archive your Instagram post when the giveaway is over. Too many giveaways in your feed says 'not so good'.

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