Shopify Editions Winter ’23 - de highlights

Shopify Editions Winter '23 - the highlights

Last week it was that time again, Shopify presented 100 product updates with Shopify Editions and there is a lot of fun for Shopify webshop owners! Here are the highlights that can also be very interesting for you. Don't have a Shopify store yet? Who knows, this might win you over, here you can read all about having us build your own converting, fiercely attractive Shopify webshop . Are you more of a DIYer? Then check out this free Shopify 10-step plan .

Checkout on one page

The old trusted checkout you know and trust is getting a major update. This year, Shopify is introducing a brand new one page checkout. Inspired by Shop Pay's proven conversion rate, it's faster and has better conversion. With fewer fields to fill in, customers can complete their order faster. Fewer loading steps means less customer frustration = higher conversion.

Artificial intelligence now also within Shopify

Use Shopify Magic to beat your writer's block and automatically create product descriptions. Enter keywords or characteristics and the Shopify Magic system generates a description that captivates and converts.

AI is also used for improved search relevancy that ensures popular products are featured and spelling errors still return the correct result that better reflects customer intent.

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Sell ​​on YouTube

Sync and sell on YouTube. Sell ​​your products on YouTube to create authentic, live and on-demand shopping experiences. Stand out with up-to-date product information directly below your video, pinned in chat or tagged during a live stream. YouTube and Shopify are collaborating on live shopping tools for creators to do this. We are also working on a new integration with more live shopping tools for YouTube. To be continued.

Translate & adapt with the Translate & Adapt app

Engage more customers with regional and cultural relevance by localizing your store content across markets. Use the side-by-side editor to add, edit, and rate translated content, and automatically translate up to two languages ​​for free. The Translate & Adapt app is already fully available.

Shopify Collabs for influencer marketing

Build authentic relationships using Shopify's maker platform to drive sales. Recruit creators using a brand application page or search for the right match for your community in our creator database. Manage relationships, send samples, and track partner offers - all in one place: Shopify collabs .

Also watch this five minute video by Jonathan.

And these are just a few highlights from the many additions and adjustments. You don't need all of them by a long shot, but this just goes to show that Shopify continues to evolve like no other platform so that Shopify merchants can continue to grow.

See the full list of Shopify Editions Winter 2023 Update here. SYSO is a Shopify partner and expert and the party for building, branding and marketing your own Shopify webshop . Interested in Shopify? Read more about building a professional webshop . And sign up for our SYSO awesome tips newsletter so you never miss a thing.

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Source: Shopify | Jonathan Lewell | Value Added Resource

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