SYSO is klaar voor 2023 - en jij?

SYSO is ready for 2023 - and you?

We realized once again that time flies when we discovered that our restyling to the current branding took place two years ago. Not very old, but certainly not 'fresh off the press' and a lot can happen in two years... We thought it was high time for a necessary fix.

What happened in two years?

In fact, there was far too much to list. That's how Corona was here, with all the consequences - both business and private - that entails. But that aside, because then this blog post will become a monster post that no one is waiting for.

We also switched course platforms with the Campus and changed software for our website a few times. And of course we also set annual goals and adjust the focus where necessary. Because " Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans" . If you don't keep your eyes open and don't move with the times, you'll be behind the times before you know it.

Branding: the new colors provide consistency

If you are involved in the brand positioning of others on a daily basis, it must of course also remain true for yourself. That's why we started working for ourselves again.

As far as branding is concerned, the logo is still completely to your liking and the tone of voice too. But the whole in terms of color gave too little consistency. A few years ago it seemed wonderful to have a wide color palette, but now it feels too messy. So we looked extensively at a calmer palette, which should increase recognisability.

SYSO color palette

Website: clearer choice

In mid-August this year we renewed our website, the site where you are now reading this blog post. And behind the scenes we continued to work on our positioning. Because in recent years there was still an emphasis on all our SYSO tools, branding , coaching and webshop construction has become more important. And that should of course also be clear in all your expressions. As a visitor, you immediately see that when you enter home with a clear call to action ' Start here ' and a clear choice that gives starters and more experienced entrepreneurs their own entrance. Useful!

If you do what you did, you get what you got

I'm sharing this so you know what's going on behind the scenes here. But I mainly share it so that you keep thinking about your positioning and branding yourself. Because that is very important! "If you do what you did, you get what you got" , you probably know this saying. Is the spirit of your company currently declining a bit or are you at a plateau in terms of growth? Then take a look further and can't you figure it out alone? Then we can really help you with that. Maybe with a coaching trajectory or who knows, a new branding or a brand identity fix. Do you like it or do you want more information about it? Simply book a no-obligation focus call . Within a maximum of 20 minutes you will know more and you will immediately be richer in some tips & tricks.

👉 Book a focus call

Soon more and tell...

In the coming period we will continue to roll out our plans and we would like to involve our customers and followers in this. So stay tuned by following us on Instagram and subscribing to the Awesome Tips .
And what do you think of it so far? Be sure to let us know!

SYSO Instagram

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