Casestudy: De Alchemista Shopify webshop

Case study: The Alchemista Shopify webshop

Meet the go-to for modern witches, mystics and magical people: The Alchemista . My heart skipped a beat when Kim contacted us asking if we could move her webshop to Shopify. Gladly! I find what Kim does very interesting and then it is very nice to work on a project like this. Now we have nothing to complain about our customers anyway, and so this project was once again a party.

The question was super clear: moving from the webshop to Shopify .

Who is the Alchemist?

In 2015, Kim started claiming her corner on the internet with a blog about witchcraft and spirituality, which was later expanded with workshops and tarot readings. During all the conversations she had with others about this and thanks to the blog, one topic kept coming up. They wanted more and 'something' with spirituality, but did not know how and where to start. This conviction, combined with my love for herbs, scents + beautiful things, has led to De Alchemista. You will find composed by Kim herself Herbal Incenses (loose incense), Energy Mists and Oil Elixirs , combinations, each with its own effect or intention. You can also go there for temporarily available products and services such as the monthly calendar, Witchery kits and a nice complete tarot course.


The result is a very calming and inspiring webshop. We made the base, but all credit to Kim for making that new place her own. The beautiful photography works beautifully with a webshop that is technically correct on all fronts.

The webshop is with e-commerce software Shopify is built and grows with the needs of the business. Once set up, maintenance is simple and the shop itself can be adjusted and maintained.

The Alchemista is ready for the future and has a versatile webshop that she can handle herself. A beautiful online place that feels very offline and where you really feel that you are visiting Kim. This makes spirituality very accessible and you feel like getting lost at De Alchemista.

Unfortunately we forgot to take 'before' screenshots this time, so here's just the end result.

We asked Kim aka The Alchemista a few questions

Why did you start The Alchemista?
I worked as an English teacher in high school. Being a teacher is already challenging enough, but with my chronic fatigue it was really mission impossible. I had such a hard time being on when a boss decided I should be on (or a room with 30 teens) that I ended up getting burned out.
I realized that things have to change and I longed so deeply for a life in which I could determine my own times, a more flexible life. That's where it all started, a longing for freedom and being my own boss. That it had to be something with spirituality and, mainly, modern witchcraft, no doubt about that. Witchcraft is such an integral part of me - that's where my work had to flow. And so the Alchemista was born. I combined my love for craft, magic and fragrance and started offering homemade fragrance products, spiritual tools and online courses.

What do you think is the best product from your shop?
I find that really hard! I really love my incense myself and always get very positive reactions to it, but I also put my heart and soul into my online courses. In fact, it always changes. One week I'm obsessed with an incense , the next I can't stop squirting one of the sprays around. That's what I love about this job. You can be changeable, you can let your work move with what you prefer.

What made you decide to have your branding and webshop made online by Sell your stuff?
I've been looking at the case studies of SYSO for a while and always thought the webshops look very nice. I also wanted to move from MijnWebwinkel to Shopify and since Mariko works with both, that seemed ideal to me. Those are the logical reasons. The real reason was really just that it felt good.
Sometimes I can endlessly research and compare things, but as soon as I get the 'yes, this is it' feeling I just go for it.
In addition, when I requested information about having a website made, Mariko indicated that she really liked the concept of my company. That was a really important reason for me. As a (modern) witch, there are plenty of people who think you're so weird (which I kind of get it) and I thought it was really important that the person who would make my website wasn't in it that way. That I would work with someone who understands, I really got that feeling with Mariko.

May we know what your future plans are?
Sure! I'm not really a five-year plan person, but for the foreseeable future, my plan is to focus a little more on digital products. My true goal for the Alchemista is to create a place on the internet where anyone with an interest in witchcraft, wherever you are on your path, will feel welcome to share and learn.
I can achieve this more with online meetings, workshops and courses than with physical products, so that's why it has my attention now.

Would you recommend Sell your stuff online?
YES! I really really liked the collaboration. It was so clear that everyone at SYSO really puts in a bit of effort to understand your company and mission and build a site from there. It definitely didn't feel like 'just another transaction' where you are the umpteenth site being turned off, but really like a true collaboration. That's exactly what I was looking for.

Is there anything else you would like to know. Any tips for other entrepreneurs/pioneers?
pooh. One lesson I learn again and again is how important it is to be a good boss to yourself. We don't trade in an actual boss for entrepreneurship and then work ourselves three times in the round and be stricter in performance appraisals with ourselves than the bosses who came before us.
Be the boss you always wanted. Ask yourself regularly what you need instead of endlessly piling tasks on your to-do list.
Be kind to yourself ;-)

Have you become interested in The Alchemista and Modern Witchcraft? Be sure to listen to Kim's Season of Witchcraft postcasts !

Thank you Kim

It was very nice to work with you. You knew exactly what you wanted, but also left us free where we needed space. We wish you a lot of success and fun in bringing your positivity and inspiration. I like to follow you and listen to your podcasts with pleasure.

👉 Do you also want to move and a well-converting webshop ?