Casestudy: Lime-Light wholesale webshop

Case study: Lime-Light wholesale webshop

Lime-Light is a wholesale trade in home accessories. You will find a wide range of cushions and home textiles and accessories designed according to the latest trends.

From W or d press to Shopify

The old webshop was made with Wordpress and Woocommerce, a well-known and widely used way of setting up an e-commerce website. The advantage of this is that it is open source and that is also the disadvantage. Anyone can develop 'something' for Wordpress, a theme, an app, a CMS system - you name it. That's great and it often works very well, until an update is needed and apps often no longer update - and even clashes, a theme no longer looks good or stops support, etc. So you depend on many different parties who don't really care about each other.

Lime-Light was also well done with that and so it was decided to move to the Shopify system and SYSO came into the picture.

Wholesale and Shopify, is that possible?

Certainly, even if you don't have Shopify Plus (from $2,000 p/m). Lime-Light's question was a wholesale webshop based on Shopify Basic ( $29 p/m) , complete with these features:

  • automatic customer registration system with VAT and Chamber of Commerce numbers
  • prices only visible to customers
  • limit minimum order amount
  • automatically generated PDF invoice in the Lime-Light house style that will be sent with the order confirmation
  • different payment options and pick-up locations

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Lime-Light already had a logo and a few fire colours. We took a critical look at this branding and supplemented it with an atmosphere direction and additional house style colours. The extra colors ensure both a warmer and more accessible appearance of the webshop and more variation in the layout.

Lime-Light mood board for branding Result

By rearranging the categories and choosing a stylish (new) theme, we gave Lime-Light a completely new online environment. The old homepage had little experience and was not logically arranged. The new start page immediately invites customers to register and always shows the latest collection and bestsellers. This all ensures an increased conversion.

In addition to the fresh and more user-friendly design, the webshop is also designed as a wholesaler and we have applied the aforementioned functions with the most suitable apps.

The result is a brand new wholesale webshop for Lime-Light that is rock solid. The shop is inviting, fast and works smoothly. Lime-Light is absolutely ready for the future!

Lime-light webshop restyling

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