De Nederlander shopt in 2023 bewuster. Hoe speel je daar op in?

The Dutch will shop more consciously in 2023. How do you respond to that?

The Dutch will shop online just as often in 2023 as last year, according to Wunder's Consumer Insights Report . But there is a difference: people are more aware of what they spend. For example, they do more price comparisons than last year and young people in particular are busy cutting back. What else can we get from this research and what can you as a webshop owner do with it? Read more.

Quality is more important than quantity!

As a webshop entrepreneur it is important to understand what people want. Young people in particular, the Gen Z digital natives, are difficult to reach and retain. But if you provide a positive, relevant and distinctive customer experience, you can bind them to you. For example, quality is now often more important than quantity or price, so if you want to stand out you have to ensure that your products are of good quality and that your brand value is high.

What do the Dutch shop mainly online?

The Dutch mainly shop for electronics, clothing, shoes and beauty products online. And did you know that the Netherlands is the only country where books are in the top five most popular categories? Brand perception also remains important and reviews are the main driver of purchasing behavior from a content perspective.

In short: make sure your branding and webshop are top notch, you stay on top of mind with your (potential) customers by, among other things, having a reliable blog , a growing mailing list and regularly sending a good (!) newsletter.

Branding is becoming increasingly important

Branding is especially important in this case because consumers are more conscious of their spending and prefer quality over quantity or price. This makes it more important for webshop retailers to distinguish their brand from the competition and to create a strong brand identity that appeals to and binds customers. We can help you build a powerful brand and stand out from the crowd, enabling you to connect with your target audience and gain the trust of your customers.

Do you want to stand out as an online retailer and make sure people appreciate your brand? Then check out our branding service , contact us and let us help you build and grow your brand!

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source: Fonk magazine

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