Het succesverhaal van webshop maison KOOS op WebwinkelKeur

The success story of webshop maison KOOS on WebwinkelKeur

We have been working with our branding agency Loaded ink for a few months now to the visual identity of WebwinkelKeur . That is a lot of fun to do and there is a lot involved, more about this later. As a result of this work, I regularly highlight a webshop entrepreneur on the WebwinkelKeur blog who is both a Sell your stuff online customer and a WebwinkelKeur member. It's Kirsten Oosterwaal from maison KOOS's turn this time.

Are you curious about how other webshop entrepreneurs do it? Why are they WebwinkelKeur members and what do they do to be visible and (at least as important) to remain visible? At WebwinkelKeur we put entrepreneurs in the spotlight, on the homepage and here on the blog. This interview focuses on Kirsten, the entrepreneur behind the successful webshop maison KOOS . You get a look behind the scenes. Learn from Kirsten's experiences and tips and discover how you too can run a successful webshop.

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For a slightly chaotic person like me, the weekly emails from SYSO VIP are a good help to get started with the content for my online store. Everything is explained in clear language and you are provided with useful tools. The Student Hang-out and the live question hour are great for asking your questions. You not only learn from Mariko, but also from your colleagues. The atmosphere in the Hang-out is also good, everyone is always very helpful. In short: do you always struggle with being and remaining visible? This is highly recommended!

Kirsten Oosterwaal - Maisonkoos.nl

Image: photographer Reggy van Liempd Photography // @reggyvanliempfotografie

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