Lanceren kun je leren van... Metallica + €72 korting!

You can learn how to launch from... Metallica + €72 discount!

At the end of last year, Metallica first announced their brand new 72 Seasons album. The long-awaited album would be released on April 14, 2023, seven years after the most recent album. The new success of the song 'Master of Puppets' by Netflix's Stranger Things created a refreshed audience and new interest in the band. Something we didn't really see in the cinema yesterday. It was mainly still a lot of die hard GenXers. Like these :-)


April 13 was the premiere of the Metallica album in cinemas worldwide. Each song was described by the band members and was accompanied by a beautiful video clip. Mark and I were super curious about the experience and it certainly did not disappoint.

Actually, every album should be presented like this, with good image and sound and motivation from the makers. That gives so much added value, especially now that you no longer physically buy an album. Although you can buy 72 Seasons on vinyl and as a cassette in this case.

The album is good and there are certainly songs that we will enjoy listening to here often. But that's just my opinion and everyone has their own taste.

Super tight marketing

From a marketing point of view: what a launch! November 28th there was suddenly the single ' Lux Æterna ' out of nowhere and BOOM from that point on it's one big launch party for four months. Here are the highlights and what you can learn from them:

  • keep in mind that this is actually about launching a music album. And how do you get as much attention as possible for that and thus earn as much money as possible (without selling your soul?)
  • November 28, Metallica drops the single ' Lux Æterna ' out of the blue 
  • after that they give a single prize every 5 - 6 weeks, a mega world tour is planned
  • in November, the new 72 Seasons album will also be announced with a release date of April 14, 2023 
  • with flippin' awesome artwork by the way, but more on that later
  • a day earlier (April 13) a premiere is scheduled in cinemas worldwide
  • the mega 72 seasons world tour will then start on April 27, 2023 in Amsterdam. The end date of the complete tour is not until June next year
  • each concert will consist of two (!) days and a variety of tickets will be available from $129 to $7,000
  • the album will of course be available online everywhere on April 14, but will also be released on vinyl, CD and cassette. And there is -of course- a lot of (beautifully designed) merchandise .
  • at Jimmy Kimmel you could see the band members playing with marionette dolls on April 13th. I understand that that can have a lot of scope and that it is meant to be funny (because Master of Puppets, ha ha), but I wonder if that was necessary...

The visual branding is top notch!

Just a side note about the design, call it professional deformation :) Now I'm not averse to old school metal design anyway. Skulls, rotting zombies, devil spawn and old junk, I'm in. But with 72 Seasons the design is completely new and fresh, even for an epic grandpa band like Metallica, without losing themselves (just my opinion). Black and white and a color has always been our thing and will continue to be. So black and white bright yellow: hell yeah!

Long story short

I'm impressed and we came out of Pathé full of energy last night. Listened to songs with great attention and sometimes almost snoozed away under a warm, familiar metal blanket.

🤘 Launch as Metallica, temporarily with € 72 discount

You can learn how to launch, that is also what I would like to give you here. Metallica's launch is the work of hundreds of people, but basically it all comes down to a very good plan. If you know how it works (not difficult) you can launch anything, over and over again. That's why I would like to point you to our mini training Lauch it . Normally you pay €97 for this, but in honor of Metallica you get a temporary €72 discount. How metallic is that?! ORDER NOW

Launch it Metallica

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