NEWSFLASH: eindelijk binnen Shopify je webshop vertalen!

NEWSFLASH: finally translate your webshop within Shopify!

After Shopify Markets, Shopify now introduces Shopify Translate & Adapt . Now you can automatically translate your shop into two languages ​​for free! This app makes it easier for you as a merchant to offer products and services worldwide, without additional complexity.

Please note: this feature is still a work in progress, but it is already working!

Cross-border is on the rise in the Netherlands, merchants now sell to an average of 5 international markets on Shopify. And Dutch merchants who use Shopify Markets even sell to an average of 9 international markets. Over half (58%) of all traffic to Shopify stores in the Netherlands is driven by international buyers, with 45% of total sales coming from outside the Netherlands.

Tell me, are you going to offer your Shopify store in multiple languages?

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