SYSO podcast - Waarom jouw webshop niet groeit #02

SYSO podcast - Why your webshop isn't growing #02

Hardly anything is as sad as having a webshop with all the trimmings that does nothing. That you feel like you put all your free hours into it, but no matter what you do - there doesn't seem to be any movement. What now? Listen to this podcast.

Contents in brief

  • 8 reasons why you're not growing
  • How can you grow your business?
  • Growth hacks

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Have fun listening (where you want :-))

Nice relaxed listening

I myself discovered not so long ago how relaxed podcast listening is. I thought I always found video more interesting, until I discovered how easier listening alone is. With not so complicated work, just before sleeping, during a brisk walk or when you exercise, you can always listen to a podcast. But of course you already knew that... Because there is a good chance that you have already found podcasts when you consider that almost half (49%) of the Dutch people over the age of 16 sometimes listen to a podcast these days. That amounts to about 6.9 million listeners in the Netherlands alone!!

Have fun with the SYSO podcast . Do you have any tips, questions, suggestions or do you just want to let me know what you thought (nice!)? Send an email to or leave a message below.

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