Webshop webinar: a December to remember

Webshop webinar: a December to remember

Suddenly the holidays are upon you. You 'must, must, must' make something of that, because 'Q4 is really your most important season'. Everywhere everyone shouts that you have to make a turnover NOW and a lot. Yes, you probably want that too, but how?

Are you already panicking at the idea? Do you feel that you may already be too late to the party and that you are probably going to put everything together at the last minute without the desired result?

HO STOP, let me help you

Sign up for this webinar and I'll give you an easy holiday roadmap + checklist to make the holidays as lucrative as possible for you. With very good tips and preferably without the great stress.

Chill, Mariko & team SYSO 🔥

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Annemarie on 2022,10,20

Hoi Mariko,
Is de webinar terug te zien? Ik heb me wel opgegeven maar ik kan eigenlijk niet op woensdag.