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Case study: Bi Happy Creations webshop

Receiving is fun, giving is even more fun! - that is the credo of owner Bianca. And giving becomes even more fun when you can deliver or send the gifts completely in style. Bi Happy Creations is happy to help you with that. From unique packing sets to workshops to learn the tricks, the nicest gifts and ka-boxes to a full packing service... In this cheerful shop you will find everything to make giving more fun and easier.

Bianca had been dreading it for a while; she grew out of her current webshop system. The technology did not develop along with her wishes and her stock was now too large to keep an overview. That is how she ended up at SYSO and we were able to start building a brand new webshop almost immediately .

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The result is a very cheerful and super functional webshop made with e-commerce software Shopify . A beautiful online environment that grows with the needs of Bianca's company. Once set up, maintenance is simple and the shop itself can be adjusted and maintained.

Bi Happy Creations is ready for the future and now has everything it takes to build a solid position within the market. This is done, among other things, with a large number of handy SYSO courses and programs .

Bi Happy Creations case study - from Mijnwebwinkel to Shopify


Bianca - Bi Happy Creations

We asked Bianca from Bi Happy Creations a few questions

Why did you start Bi Happy Creations?

It's a hobby that got out of hand. I've been sharing wrapping work on Insta for a while and got more and more demand for the services and gifts. I was asked if I wanted to give workshops at a VMBO college. For this, however, I had to be able to draw up an invoice, with VAT number. I have registered myself with the Chamber of Commerce in order to comply. And seized the opportunity to immediately build an entire company around it. A company where I can share everything that makes me so happy.

What do you think is the best product (category) from your range?

Difficult! I don't sell anything that doesn't make me 100% happy. But what I think are the very, very nicest products…. The books of The World of Mustache and the entire greeting card collection . It is now huge and there is so much beauty in it. Would love to frame them all.

Book the World of Mustache

What made you decide to hire SYSO?

I have been participating in the content coach program for a while and have seen so many beautiful things pass by. I was already convinced of the transition from My Webshop to Shopify. I was still in doubt between doing it myself or having it done. I knew right away that if I was going to have it done, Mariko had to do it. I had a small taste when Mariko was so kind to make my old website so much nicer in half an hour. So I had no doubt that with more time she could really make something great out of my new website.

Are you happy and what have you achieved as a result with your new webshop so far?

I am super happy with the new site. Not only does it look nicer, it also navigates so much better. There is much more life in it and for me, as a shop, it is also much nicer to work with. The shop has been online for just 2 days. So I can't say much about the results yet. But I'm sure it's fine.

May we know what your future plans are?

Yes, of course! In any case, I want to expand in a number of areas, especially in the business market. As soon as all this is written out online, I will start looking for a building. Your own place to store things, to give workshops and perhaps open up as a shop from time to time.

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Would you recommend SYSO?

Absolute! You have so much experience and are so at home in what you do. So nice to be able to trust someone completely and let loose on something that is so important to you. Someone who listens to your wishes and who also knows how to translate that beautifully into the look & feel of the site. So that the site really feels like mine. And communication was also very good. Nice to be able to ask all your questions without being looked down on. I've said it a lot, but I'll just say it again: Great, thank you so much, for everything!

Is there anything else you would like to know. A tip for other entrepreneurs/pioneers?

Follow your intuition, do what you most enjoy doing. Do you enjoy building your own website from scratch and do you think you will succeed without help? Great, do it! But always consider: What will bring my company where I want it to be? Outsourcing some things can cost a lot of money, but consider what it can yield you, in terms of time and appearance. I was proud of the website that I had built myself, but when I now see the difference with the site that Mariko has set up for me, my website was actually child's play. Such investments are therefore simply worth it. The same applies, for example, to things like accounting. Not so good with numbers? Then you might be better off with an external company. Another tip: Stay close to yourself, that makes doing business not only more fun, but also much easier.

Thank you Bianca

Your enthusiasm is contagious. It was therefore super fun to work on your webshop with all those nice products and ideas you have. We wish you a lot of fun and success and of course keep following!

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