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Sell your stuff online the podcast - episode #01

LIKE THIS. It took a while, but then you have something. Five years ago I recorded my very first podcast, but I couldn't find my way. That's how long it took for it to become a plan. Because if you do something, it must be logical. And this podcast certainly is.

On the basis of a poll you could choose what the first podcast episodes are about and the subject of this first podcast in years was by far the number 1.

Less social media, but then what?

Less social media, but then what?, that has become the first podcast of 2022. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and not to mention twitter, be real and Snapchat. Do you really want 'something' with social media, but would you like it to be effective? And do you want to know what might be at least as effective as social media to become visible? Then listen to this podcast.

Content in brief

  • Topic 1: Social media and entrepreneurship
  • Topic 2: Other forms of marketing to get visible
  • Topic 3: Email marketing rules
  • Extra: What are the social media trends in 2023?

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Have fun listening (wherever you want :-))

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