Bye Instagram

Bye Instagram

It's weird but true. After more than five years, our Instagram course will go into the archives next year.

The reason?

We're going to focus completely on what we're REALLY good at and what you can wake us up for at night. That is:

  1. surf
  2. coaching
  3. ecommerce

Instagram course

In June 2017 the time had come, the Instagram course from SYSO. Hundreds of entrepreneurs now have (much) more followers and have become more visible.

Why Quit Instagram?

The content is relevant now, but in the years that the course has existed we have had to update it considerably. You are constantly following Instagram, as it were, because something changes almost every week. Our pleasure of 'following a social media platform' is not very great . As mentioned above, our ultimate foundation has been branding and content marketing for 20+ years. And we will now follow that path even more clearly.

Get rid of social media?

Nope. Of course we also continue to use social media, you can find SYSO on Instagram here. But we like to see it as signposts and have never let it be leading in any strategy. We can also still guide you in this, especially in combination with content marketing of course (which, in our opinion, is the most healthy and also the most fun strategy). But if you want to delve very specifically into a certain direction, we would be happy to recommend our experts . As simple as that!

Your complete marketing strategy

The Instagram course from SYSO will go into the archives on January 1, 2023. We have known for years that content marketing is the most effective overarching strategy. Let me explain how that works and do the 5-day video training Make your webshop awesome. Now completely for free and can be followed immediately. Who knows what it will bring you! Doubling your visitors, returning customers, much more turnover? Register here and start immediately.

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